Q : What is Limiteez?

A : Limiteez is an online platform that sells really cool lifestyle design t-shirts

Q : Where is your shop?

A : We do not have a physical shop and we are 100% online base

Q : How do I make payment?

A : At the moment we have 3 methods of payment in place. You can pay with Paypal, Credit card and by Direct Bank In. Click HERE for the step by step on how to make payments.

A : How long till I get my t-shirts

Q : You will receive your t-shirts approximately 10-14 days after the end of the campaign.

A : What is a campaign?

Q : Campaign is when certain designs are available for pre-order

A : What is the duration of a certain campaign?

Q : The duration for a campaign is normally around 7-10 days

A : Can I still buy the t-shirt after the campaign ends?

Q : Most likely not as our t-shirts are not ready made and once the campaign has ended, the t-shirts with that certain design will be “retired” and new campaigns will be launch. So be sure to get your favorite designs during the on going campaign.

A : What kind of material are the t-shirts made off?

Q : We only use high quality, 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirts made by Gildan, a trusted USA brand

A : How do I know what sizes are suitable for me?

Q : You can check our size specs HERE

A : What kind of printing methods are being used on your t-shirts?

Q : Our printing methods are the highest quality, which is silkscreen printing

A : How can I collect or receive my t-shirts?

Q : Currently we are using PosLaju as our official courier company

A : Can I exchange the t-shirts if I ordered the wrong size?

Q : I am afraid not as the t-shirts are custom order and we do not carry any stocks for all the designs. Be sure to check the size specs thoroughly before placing an order

A : What happen if the t-shirts that I’ve ordered have some defects?

Q : We will replace or refund you if the problems are on our side as buying with Limiteez comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy

A : What if I did not receive my t-shirts from PosLaju?

Q : We will also replace or refund you if this problem arises

A : I have more questions, how can I contact you?

Q : You can use our CONTACT FORM to drop us a line



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